VisVita OÜ is a a marketing and sales subsidiary of Environment Industries International ltd ( and dedicated to developing new and innovative solutions to enhance the environment and provide for the health, safety, and well being of current and future generations. Electrolyzed water (EW) technologies are the primary focus of VisVita OÜ

VisVita OÜ patent protected SUPROX equipment temporarily modifies the functional properties of water to produce SUPROX — a strong oxidizing solution that is used as a germicidal agent to kill microorganisms including viruses, fungi, spores, mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Patented technologies and extensive research have given VisVita OÜ the competitive edge to commercialize SUPROX solutions. SUPROX equipment generates reliable, safe, economical, and predictable liquid biocide solutions from sodium chloride (salt) brine.

For businesses and individual consumers, we manufacture and supply SUPROX in spray bottles or plastic drums.

Along with SUPROX products, we are proud to offer a new generation of water purifiers based on the principal of electrolyzed water. ECO units have been created to purify any source water and turn it into a natural antioxidant. They guarantee effective destruction of all kinds and forms of micro-organisms, as well as their toxins, neutralisation of all hazardous organic substances and removal of heavy metals.

VisVita OÜ management team is small, capable, and focused on quality and efficiency. We address the common issues of environmental concerns through innovation and technology to contribute in however humble way to the improvement of quality of life,thereby creating the lasting value for all our customers. We develop products that change operations for the better and will enhance the productivity and quality in so many industries with real cutting edge technology.

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